Member Districts

Member Districts and Schools

Member Districts:

Ada-Borup #2854 Fertile-Beltrami #599 Win-E-Mac #2609 Warren-Alvarado-Oslo #2176 Climax-Shelly #592 Fisher #600 Norman County West #2527 Red Lake Falls #630 East Grand Forks #595 Fosston #601 Red Lake County Central #2906 Stephen-Argyle Central #2856
ASEC is a cooperative of 12 school districts in northwestern Minnesota. The Cooperative was formed in 1969 by agreement of local schools to provide a full range of specialized services to children on a district level. This cooperative is administered by a Board of Directors composed of the superintendents of the 12 school districts and the director and assistant directors of special education. The primary goal of the cooperative is to provide support services to teachers, administrators, parents and students with disabilities. A wide variety of support services are available to districts such as technical assistance, assessment for special education services, consultation, counseling, crisis intervention, low incidence services, early childhood special education programming and personnel development opportunities.

Phone: 218-773-0315
Toll Free 1-866-687-2732
FAX: 218-773-0924

For more information on ASEC visit their website. ASEC


Central Elementary 218-333-3220 Gene Dillon Elementary 218-333-3400 Horace May Elementary 218-333-3240 J.W. Smith Elementary 218-333-3290 Lincoln Elementary 218-333-3250 Northern Elementary 2187-333-3260 Paul Bunyan Elementary 218-333-3119 Solway Elementary 218-467-3232 Bemidji High School 218-444-1600 Bemidji Middle School 218-333-3215 First City School 218-333-3458 Alternative Ed. Center 218-333-3299
Our Mission is to empower each learner to succeed in our diverse and changing world. We are committed to creating an environment where…
1. each learner will be challenged to develop to his/her full potential.
2. basic knowledge, skills and attitude are necessary for success.
3. learning is a life-long process that enriches our lives.
4. education is a partnership with family and community.
5. each person will show sensitivity and respect for self and others.
6. there are expectations of quality for ourselves and for others.
Phone: 218-333-3100
FAX: 218-333-3129

For more information on visit Bemidji Areas Schools website.

Member Districts:

Bagley #162 Blackduck #32 Cass Lake-Bena #115 Clearbrook-Gonvick #2311 Kelliher #36 Laporte #306 Littlefork-Big Falls #362 Mahnomen #432 Northome-Indus #363 Waubun-Ogema #435
The Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council Cooperative Joint Powers Governing Board is composed of one member from each of the eleven district Boards. Superintendents of member districts advise and support the delivery of services that are supported by federal, state and local funding. The following are the present board members from the member districts that govern the Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council Cooperative.

Phone: 218-751-6622
FAX: 218-751-6625

For more information on BRIC visit their website. BRIC


Crookston High School 218-281-2144 Highland Elementary 218-281-5600 Washington Elementary 218-281-2762 New Paths ALC 218-281-5864 Northern Lights Academy 218-470-8325
Committed to Excellence
Communication: Crookston Public Schools will excel in communicating with students, parents, staff, and community.
A Culture of High Expectations: Crookston Public Schools will be a place in which high expectations are set for our students and staff.
Relationships: Crookston Public Schools will excel in building strong relationships with students, families, staff, and community.
Exceptional Systems of Support: Crookston Public Schools will provide a strong system of mental health and academic support for students and families.

Phone: 218-773-0315 Toll Free 1-866-687-2732
FAX: 218-773-0924

For more information visit the Crookston Public Schools Website


Lancaster #356 Kittston County Central #2171 Tri-County Schools #2358 Marshall County Central #441 Badger #676 Greenbush/Middle River #2683 Grygla #447 Goodridge #561
The Northwest Regional Inter-District Council (NWRIC) is a special education cooperative formed in 1969 to provide special education consultation and direct services to eight member districts.
NWRIC Purpose: To provide assessment, direct services, consultation services, and service coordination to administrators, parents, students, and teachers.
The NWRIC's mission statement is: The member districts of the NWRIC have joined together for the purpose of providing all eligible students with services and resources, direct and indirect, that will ensure progress toward personal and academic success.

Phone: 218-874-8215
FAX: 218-874-2131

For more information visit the Northwest Regional Interdistrict Council Website


Park Rapids #309 Walker-Hackensack-Akeley #113 Nevis #308 Pine Point #25
PAWN Special Education is an inclusive community where all persons will reside, grow, and benefit by being with each other at home, at school, and in the community. The mission of PAWN Special Education is to deliver an array of services, facilitate the education of students, and provide opportunities for successful, meaningful learning. PAWN Special Education serves students birth through age 21.

Phone: 218-237-6540
FAX: 218-237-6549

For more information visit the PAWN Special Education Website


Ponemah (218)-554-7337 Red Lake Elementary Complex (218)-679-3329 Red Lake Secondary (218)-679-3733
We see a future where each individual is valued, life-long learning is embraced, and students are empowered to become Red Lake ambassadors in the global community.

Cultivate each student’s respect for themselves, the culture of the Red Lake Nation and the global community. To offer progressive academic curriculum in a safe and positive learning environment. Provide all students with the necessary tools and life skills to achieve their full potential. Strive to achieve cohesiveness among students, parents, staff, and all the community.

Phone: 218-679-3353
FAX: 218-679-2321

For more information visit the Red Lake School District Website


Roseau Elementary (218)-463-1471 Roseau High School (218)-463-2770
Mission Statement: Provide opportunities for all Learners to develop the knowledge, skills, character, and attributes necessary for success in a changing world.

Phone: 218-463-1471

For more information visit the Roseau Community School Website


Challenger Elementary School (218)-681-2345 Franklin Middle School (218)-681-8813 Lincoln High School (218)-681-7432 NW Area Learning Center (218)-681-7051
A District Committed to Developing Successful Learners Through Relevant Education and Purposeful Community Partnerships.

Excellence: HIgh achievement for all that we do
Integrity: Aligning our actions with our values and beliefs
Accountability: To fulfill one's roles and responsibilities to be responsive to results
Respect: Pride in who we are, accepting our differences
Community: It's about all of us all of the time
Partnership: Engaging in relationships and action which empowers learning for ALL

Phone: 218-681-8711
Fax: 218-681-3252

For more information visit the Thief River Falls School Website


Angle Inlet Schools (218)-386-1472 Warroad Community Education (218)-386-1472 Warroad Early Learns Center (218)-386-1472 Warroad Elementary School (218)-386-1472 Warroad High School (218)-386-1472
We are committed to educating and preparing lifelong learners for success in a complex and changing world. Located just 5 miles south of the US/Canadian border on beautiful Lake of the Woods in northwestern Minnesota, we serve approximately 1000 students in the rural communities of Warroad, Northwest Angle, Roosevelt, Salol and Swift.

Phone: 218-386-1472
Fax: 218-386-6113

For more information visit the Warroad Public School Website